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2020 Debut Album


Enjoy a relaxing instrumental album of original compositions, featuring classical & ambient melodies, with piano & orchestral arrangements.

A composed piece of music is more than a product of momentary inspiration, it  is the reflection of experiences accumulated in life, of places visited, of people met.

Deepest thanks to my Family,  Friends and Loved ones, to those whom I've had the pleasure and privilege to have crossed paths with. 

Please enjoy this debut album, which you can purchase below. My deepest thanks for your kind support.

"... A consistently engaging and relaxing record.  


Absolutely beautiful, and soothing!  


Quite emotional and evocative. Beautiful melody.

Linda musica!

Well conceived melodic structure. Played with the proper amount of reserve.

It’s a beautiful melody!

Strong melodies are the standouts. Well conceived and delivered with deep supportive arrangements.

Merci POUR votre superbe musique calme ET sereine.

Flair for melody and supporting arrangements.

La détente en musique est divine et sublime, merci de TOUT coeur!

Very pretty melody - well conceived and delivered with the right dynamic elements.



A nicely developed melody line. Well played. Solid build.


Really pretty music. The subtle additions in the arrangements always seem to be just the right touch.

Bravo za izborot i sponzorot.

Excellent. Solid melody line..."       

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